The Perils of Bead Collecting

It is a dangerous thing walking down the necklace isle of the thrift shop.  It is literally filled with treasure.  Strands hang on display with semi-precious stones: pearls, jade, tigers eye, pink quartz; other times one can find unusual beads of ivory, wood, seeds, shell as well as beautiful large medallions–all ranging in price between .25 cents and $200.

I began collecting these beads with the intention of creating new necklaces.  I recently found a beautiful wooden necklace, and deliberated for a few minutes, there is always a reason to buy a beautiful necklace, you just have to find it.  I brought it home and realized that I could no longer deny that I am not a jewelry maker, but have become merely bead collector.

Perhaps this will change one day… the day only work part time and spend the rest of my time painting, singing and, well, beading I suppose.


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