Moving into Order

It is time to add some order to my blog.  Up until now I have just blogged randomly usually about whatever thought first pops into my head at 7am, or about whatever project I have been working on for the last 24 hours.  But I thought I would give myself a little structure to work with as I blog.  So here are my blogging topics:

Manitoba Monday: Photography from in and around Manitoba.  The small towns, trees, ditches and whatnot.

Tuesday Watercolours:  Well, it may be obvious from the title, but I will devote myself to blogging about watercolours on Tuesday.  Technique, current works, past works, ideas and whatever.

Crafty Wednesdays:  A day for blogging about the crafts I like to do…. Mostly cards, but perhaps the random piece of jewelry.

Random Thursday: This is the day in the week that is left for anything that will not fit into the other days: poetry, block printing, cats, garden, theater–you name it.

Friday Fotos:  Las fotos de la semana.

Saturday Morning Music:  Taking my cue from The Red Herring, I will be posting Saturday Morning Music.  Topics will range from my own music, music commentary, what I am discovering, and what I am learning.

Good luck to me, thank you for checking in, have a good Sunday.



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