Singing in the day-shift cage

It is a troubling thing to feel like one’s job is an iron cage.  But that is how I feel of late.  Nine hours a day spent on a good cause, for sure, but nine hours of not doing what my heart really wants to do: paint, create, dance and make music.  These activities which form the center of my being, are confined to the periphery.

So, after my nine hour shift, then after eating supper, and cleaning up, I finally sat down to play my piano.  All the day’s pent up need to make beauty poured through my fingers and voice, and with what energy there was left in me, I decided to make a recording.

It was an imperative task.  Perhaps proof to myself that I am not just my job, but also an artist.  I am sharing it to you listener.  There are some imperfections in it, for sure.  But I hope that is an encouragement rather than a  turn off.  Perhaps you are stuck somewhere to, only able to half do what you are made to do.  But never let that stop you from moving towards the vision.

At least that is what I am learning.

PS Photo from here.



  1. Sasha This is beautiful. I love the song, the way you sing and play piano. Thanks for your words, too, they are encouraging to me, who even though I have lots of time on my hands, never seem to find time or power to do the things I really want to do. I think that working in a job to some degree creates an urgency to do the things that fall into the periphery. Because they are things that you actually want to do, they have to speak a little louder. Please keep recording! xxx

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, jobs do create an urgency I wouldn’t have otherwise. Like the time pressure of being a full time student. Bleh. I wish the pressure would relent sometimes, or not feel so stifling. Hope you “find the right pressure”. (ps, glad you are safe from falling helicopters…)

      1. Yeah, I guess it’s easy for me to idealize it when I don’t have a job, too. I do know the difficulty of it…even a nicer balance might be as you said part-time work and part-time art and music. You probably don’t necessarily need the structure of a job, but I find it really grounding to have to be somewhere and do specific tasks a few days out of the week. But I think yours is the sort of job where it is all consuming, because there is no end to the amount you can put into it.

        Funny, if I didn’t know better, I may have thought “falling helicopters” was a metaphor… 🙂 I’m glad I’m safe too! We’re exceedingly lucky that there weren’t more’s sad enough about the two that died.


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