Mid Project Slump

By this Friday I hope to have done about 80 wedding invitations.  I have cut and printed and embossed the majority of them and now what is left to be done is assembly.  It is a high pressure project with a deadline.  Well… the “pressure” is only there from me because I want these invitations to be awesome–it’s for my sister’s wedding.

So this morning as I survey my desk and imagination for ideas for a blog I find it crowed and otherwise occupied.  I experience a creativity slump when it comes to anything other than the current project.

So, in absence of a song, photo shoot or watercolour, here is my morning coffee and messy desk.DSCN3800

This will be a long day.



  1. I hadn’t been on the computer in many days so just saw what Ariel’s invitations look like finished. You have done a marvelous job ! She will be very blessed by your hard work and love poured into this project. Ellen


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