Handmade Gift Exchange

What to bring to the handmade gift exchange…..  The possibilities seem endless.  A painting?  Photography?  Something crafty?  I decided to make cards.  Taking my inspiration from a (rather hideous yet clever) card note book I had picked up at the thrift store, I thought I would make my own Birthday Card Year book.  It was a great project to try.  The whole thing took me about 4 hours, which included designing the cards, troubleshooting problems and of course pausing to take pictures.  I think I will refine the process now that I have done one.  For now, here is my first!

I realized I did not get a good picture of where the cards go!  Basically, each of the Tim Hortons bags acts as a separate compartment to keep the card for the month.  The cards fit perfectly into the bag.  It is like Tim Hortons bags were made to be up-cycled! 😉



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