Alexandra Ross: 2012 in Review

What a fantastic year!  In July I began this blog as a way to extend my creative reach beyond my art room.  Since then I have 123 posts, 3,400 views, and 58 followers!  Wow.  Thank you all–this has been a great beginning for my creative journey.

Artistically this year has been a year of awakening.  I am finding my footing as a nature photographer, I have created over 15 watercolours, and made two music recording collections.  I have also written a few pieces of poetry that I still like even after re-reading them. 😉

I thought I would compile my favorite work from the year.  Hope you enjoy!  I look forward to a new year of creativity and blogging!

2012 Photography Highlights

It is really impossible to choose these.  But I have to make some attempt, so here are a few of my favorites:


2012 Poetry Highlights

The truth is that I love all my poetry this year.  Feel free to go to my poetry page to read some more.

Winter is at my door

Winter found my door step this morning

Planted herself with my geranium

Fell into my hair

And melted between my bare feet

Hello, Winter.

Into the Dark

I am not afraid

Of the deep dark

I return to it

And make peace with the night

I am afraid

Of the unknown deep

Where no one goes

The dark hidden behind closed doors

Seeps out

Into hands and eyes

Sits on chairs and on boards

And fates those unready for it

Go into your night

Knock at its door

Or else it will seep out

And take life unasked

2012 Painting Highlights

I surprised myself this year with the paint brush.  Last December I had made a painting of some ice skates and did not realize I could paint shadow and light.  My second painting was a portrait of a grandmother, and from there I realized that my dream to paint could become a reality.  This year has ended with 16 completed paintings, 6 of them commissioned.

International Women’s Day 2013
Small Dutch Baby
Small Dutch Baby
A "Mop and Pail Kind of Woman"
A “Mop and Pail Kind of Woman”

2012 Music Highlights

Along with realizing I can paint, I also discovered that it was not impossible to sing and play piano.  I have begun a music journey.  Not sure where it is taking me, but I am loving the road.



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