A “Frosty” Window

The “frost” build up we get in Manitoba winters is absolutely unbelievable.  I remember the first time I realized the clumps of ice that had formed on my wonder were inside, I was slightly horrified.  In my mind frozen window condensation goes well beyond the “frost” label and verges into the territory of making me feel like I am staying in an ice hotel… I know, a little drastic.  But having come from the desert and tropics, where the only ice was tucked away in your freezer and lasted a matter of minutes if removed, I feel justified in my extreme views.

The ice has returned this year, and it is taking some very interesting patterns.  These pictures were taken by music writer and enthusiast, Jordan who blogs on The Red Herring.  He is also my husband;)  With these pictures he has now officially become an Ice Photographer.


When I look at these ice forms I feel that I am looking at a fossil from an ancient plant at the bottom of the old sea.  And these are right in my house!



1 Comment

  1. wow those photos are INCREDIBLE ! they surely do look like fossils. Its neat that you and jordan both love photography. Hopefully the wonderful frost doesn’t mean there are winter drafts seeping in to rob your heating bill !


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