Two Songs, Two Weeks to Go!

Late November I got this compulsion to create a Christmas Music CD.  Over the fall I had made a little demo CD with some Irish Pub Songs, and, realizing how easy it was to record music with my ipad, I decided to make a Christmas recording.  I then found three other people, my sister, my husband and a friend, to join me in the project.  So over the past month we have been working on five songs.

It is so difficult not to share any publicly right now!  Yesterday we completed three of the five songs, adding a third harmony to the pieces.  I was astonished at what a third harmony can do to a song.  It adds a depth to two voices and make a piece go from your everyday jam session to music from an ensemble.  Granted, I don’t know what the technical definition of ensemble is, but I feel like we meet it.

Anyway, it is requiring a lot of self control to not release these pieces ahead of the date.  So I made a little Christmas recording of my own.  Of course, left alone to my own sense of rhythm without the drummer and without the fine ears of  my sister and friend, my music at times takes on…. an interpretive air…


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