Adventures in Datuland

I am sure I received many quaint stuffed animals as a child, bears, bunnies and cats, but there was one in particular who became my childhood friend and partner in crime.  He was a stuffed raccoon and I named him “Datu”.

Like Christopher Robin, I had many adventures with this raccoon.  And I have thought every now and again that I would like to write a children’s series about a girl and a raccoon.  I even at one point bought a copy of  The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market, to look into what it would take to publish such a book.  I quickly became bogged down the the Writer’s world, and gave up.

But I have returned, realizing that there is no need to write a children’s book in the Traditional Way, i.e. for a market.  Rather, I am just going to tell the story, and not worry the Right Way to publish or write.  There is something freeing about writing without worrying about the market.

I began last night.  Here is the first little chapter.  As always, a work in progress.

Adventures in Datuland 




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