Inaugural Day of Action for the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Over the radio this morning I heard that today was the Inaugural Day of Action for the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.  A sunrise ceremony is being held at the forks.  I am sad that I have only heard about this on the day itself–I would have cleared my schedule to be present–however, I am glad to find out that a day has been declared.

Earlier this year in Manitoba, two bodies and one location of another body, had been discovered.   The three women whose bodies were recovered were victims of serial murder.  The murders were an act of gender based violence.  In preparation for the December 6th Vigil, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, I had completed three sketches and subsequently three water color portraits to be on display the preceding week before the vigil.  The portraits are being framed at the moment, however, I am posting the sketches as a gesture of solidarity with those who have lost or are missing loved ones.  Your loss is our loss.


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Here are some other sites that are of interest

Press Release from NWAC

Native Women’s Association

Sisters In Spirit


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