Lost and Found

The last 40 hours have been pretty grueling. The cat went missing. After the first 24 hours I took a walk around the neighborhood block. I ran into two small children. I asked if they had seen a small black cat. The smallest of the children told me she was only acquainted with the white and orange neighborhood cat. Then she paused and asked me

“what does your cat looked like?”
“well, she’s small and she’s black,” I said.
This description seemed to help her, because, having given it some thought, she then said, “oh, I know that cat! I have petted her!”

I asked her to send the cat home if she were to see her again. Aft clarifying which house on the street I lived on, I continued my rounds. The rest of the neighborhood who happened to be out (all adults) had no idea what I was talking about.

Note to self: find children when needing information about the neighborhood cats.

Vandana, my cat, returned last night at 2am, with a sleep wakening yowl. Her paws were matted with mud and she had quite a little appetite. Having satisfied that, she promptly curled up on the couch and has only waken this morning to eat a bit more, clean her paws, and return to arduous napping.

Very happy to have her home.



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