The Tiglath Exhibit

On Monday I went to the British Museum with Diana.

You might not get it, but we once had a cat named Tiglath.  She was named after the ancient Assyrian King.

It was my choice.  Not sure why I thought it was a good cat name…

Nevertheless, that was her name.

So Diana and I went to the exhibit of the ancient Assyrian palace.  We thought the carvings really reflected the inner life of Tiglath.

You don’t have to understand.

You see, the problum is…
Tiglath’s worst nightmare.
If cats could write I am sure it would look something like this.
Tiglath is always relieved to see she is not the only one with toes.


The carver really caught the crazy cat look.


The End.



  1. LOL!!! You are right, that Crazy Cat Look is SOOO Tiglath! And So Cool that she had an Assyrian King Exhibit named after her. Were there any bas relief acrobats, to commemorate her after-dinner shows?


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