Random thoughts from my travels

I am back, and now it is time to post retrospectively about my time in London.    So first of all, I would like to say, THERE IS NO CREAM IN LONDON!!!!  Most of the coffee shops (that is, the ones I went to… which means 3..) did not even have whipping cream for your coffee!  It is a really sad thing to sip one’s morning coffee over the Thames void of cream.

Enough on that.

Attended a church service with my sister. The ensemble included a saxophone, violin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Unfortunately they’re all set on staying in London and none took up my offer to come out to small town MB.

The main purpose of the trip was to visit my sister, who is simultaneously working 12 hour days, planning a wedding and facing a visa expiry, which means facing quitting her job, international relocation and re-entering the country after a long tedious bureaucratic dance.  So I went over to be a support while she faces these very big realities.  I was also able to see my other sister and made it out to see a friend who has been studying in Brighton for the past year.

I love visiting people in their own space. Whether artist, writer, academic or musician. Somehow within the context of their space I am far more able to take in what they say. Or perhaps I feel simply there is a personal connection with it.

The only normal tourist activity I did was to visit the British Museum. A subsequent post will be devoted to that.  In the meantime, here are the pigeons that I met while walking along the South Thames.

What is a pigeons view of London? What would be their top sights?

I think the fact that I take better pictures of birds than people may just seal my fate as a nature photographer.  The coupled with the fact that I prefer to take pictures of nature.



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