Christmas in… August…?

It was early December last year.

I found my self with the lethal combination of

  • In a quilt store
  • Idealistically planning a hand made Christmas
  • Cold and surrounded by beautiful patterned flannel

Then I saw it: bunny print flannel. Needing no further excuse than that my sister loves bunnies, in a moment of impulse I bought the fabric.It was an impulse buy.

I got home and quickly made my sister a flannel quilt for Christmas…

Well. I made it in my head.

I made most of it before Christmas, but the last little bit sat in my closet for the last 8 months.

But now that I am going to be seeing my sister…I thought I would pull it out and finish it. Yes, that is black thread on a light pastel… And yes, I am folding the edge of the blanket to finish it.

It is one of those projects that if I don’t finish it now, it will never be finished…

Anyway, the cat approved.

I would like to thank my sewing machine for putting up with me.


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