My Creative Space

Artists seem to fall into two categories: the ones who like all their materials in plain sight, and the ones who like to work with clear decks and a clean slate.

~Prato from Inside the Creative Studio

 A little while ago I bought a book about organizing art rooms.  My own art room tends to be in a constant state of… transition…

ok, it looks like a dump most the time.

So I wanted inspiration to organize the space and have come to find the process of organizing can be creative.

The quote from the top of this post is from chapter two, where the author interviews other artists about how they organize their studios.  I appreciated it because I am am a person who likes everything visible, and for a long time I thought that meant I was a slob.  But there are some fantastic ways of making an art space organized while still having everything in plain sight.

I’ll get there eventually.




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