The daughter of…

Added some thoughts to this image….
On Saturday Jordan and I went to the city and I found a beautiful family tree book!  Over the past few years I have been collecting my family history, and now I have a beautiful book to put them in.   It is made to look old fashioned, and with that patriarchal, so where the images are a little too overtly so, I just fill in what they are saying.  I only really have a record of my maternal side.  I am not surprised though.  It seems in my family the women talked about genealogy more than the men.  I will eventually research my dad’s side.  But it will certainly be harder.  
Census from the 1800’s. Love the old script. Need to work on that. Both reading and writing!

On the left page are my maternal great-grandmother’s grandparents! And on the right is my great-grandma Nano’s memoir.