Watercolour Card

I am always looking for creative ways to make cards.  There is a Hand Made Industry, and if one is not careful, an otherwise creative project will become “just another” hand made card that looks like the one in the magazine.

One technique that I have discovered and that I have not seen anywhere else (though, I am sure I am not the first to find it) is to emboss on water colour paper.  The paint and ink interact beautifully, and as far as creativity goes, the world of water colour technique is open to the card maker.

Very exciting.   Here is a little How To:

Start with the usual card materials: A Card; A base colour; Embossing powder and gun; Stamp and non-fast drying ink; Glue stick, scissors, pencil; And last, some watercolour paper.
Paint! My favourite technique so far is to wet the paper and mix three similar colours.

Glue down the background onto the card. Let it dry. (Get coffee)
Put on “Stickies.”
Stick the (dry) picture on the front. Stand back and admire.