Re-engaging Pink

Memory is funny. One might think that the mind remembers best significant moments or really profound thoughts. But memory doesn’t work that way. Or mine doesn’t. If it did, I would remember what I said for my wedding vows, or I would remember the content of some of the profound thought I have heard delivered in lectures.

Fortunately, I take notes.

but then, there are some memories that I don’t take notes and they just stick. They are random quotes and bits of information that my mind, for some odd reason, has decided to store.

Such as a rant I heard a L’Abri worker make about the color pink.

“Pink is a wishy washy color” he said. “Neither red nor white, it is an uncommitted color.”

I think he was delivering in a lecture or sermon about not being wishy-washy. Who likes uncommitted colors? I adapted this view for a while. I have begun, however, to reengage pink.

I think pink gets a bad rep because it is a subtle color, one that easily adapted for one’s own agenda’s, whether that is breast cancer, advertising lingerie or selling rock music.

My advice to reengage the color?

Go into nature, find some pinks, and rethink your assumptions.




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